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Hey Skier 😃
Welcome on RetroSki, let me give you some informations before joining the mountain

❓ What is RetroSki ?

RetroSki is a small game development project to challenge your friends on randomly generated 2D alpine ski tracks

🎮 Controls

You can play with a ⌨️ Keyboard, a 🎮 Gamepad or 📱 Touch
Note: For the moment touch devices are supported but still experimental. We encourage you to link a bluetooth gamepad to your device

During the race ⌨️ Keyboard 🎮 Gamepad 📱 Touch
Start skiing (1x) Touch the screen
Carving Touch left/right
Braking/Sliding Touch bottom
Show/hide ghosts
Return to the event manager (restart the race)
Toggle debug mode
Event Manager ⌨️ Keyboard 🎮 Gamepad
Leave the event and go back to event setup
📘 Gamer guide
Event setup

Helps you to provide few informations to setup your ride event :

  1. Name of the track (if the track doesn't exist it generates a new one)
    Note: Check one of the preloaded tracks below for your first ride
  2. Style of the track (Slalom, Giant slalom, Super-G or Downhill)
    Note: This param is only applied when generating a new track.
  3. Name of the first player
  4. Name of the second player
  5. Number of races (1 to 10 is recommended)
Event manager

Home place before and after each race. It provides informations and results about the current event.


You made it to the top of the hill !
Now it's time to have fun and enjoy some nice carving !
Press (1x) ⌨️, 🎮 or 📱touch to start skiing and see you at the finish line !
⚠️ Don't miss a gate or you'll receive a penalty of 3 seconds

Game setup

You can access to specific game setup by clicking the ⚙️ on the top right in menus
Here you can enable or disable few settings for your race :

  • 🔊 Sounds
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Spectators (can affect performance)
  • 👻 Ghosts (can affect performance)

You also have the possibility to reset and restore the game to the default content (tracks, ghosts & record).

💡 Tips
Preloaded tracks

By default the game provides 5 tracks, so you can use the same track as your friends even on a different setup.

  1. Davos (Giant slalom)
  2. Adelboden (Slalom)
  3. Soelden (Giant slalom)
  4. Wengen (Super-G)
  5. Zermatt (Downhill)
Different track styles

Each track style follow is own rule.
The dynamic of the skier is also impacted by the style of the track to mimic real world differences.
Note: For your first rides, Giant slalom is a good style to start gaining some experience

Keep your records

RetroSki use localStorage to persist generated tracks and records.
You can easily export them and share them with friends by using the browser developper tools.


Retroski should be playable on any modern device with an updated browser.
In case of performance trouble, you can try to disable via the game setup the display of spectators and ghosts during the race.


If your game crash, try to reset & erase all content via the game setup menu to reload original content.

Ghost mode Description
Absolute best time on the track
Current event best time on the track
👷‍♂️ Follow the project

View the project on Github

🏅 Support the project

RetroSki is a small game development project freely provided to you
Be sure to enjoy your time on the mountain with us 😃
Feel free to support this project 🙏
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Event setup
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